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 At Defying The Spectrum, you will find everything from Free Autism Awareness Printables, to advocacy coaching, and  inspiration. There is even a shop of resources that I have personally designed and used with my children. If it works, I share it with you. If you need a custom design, contact me. I will gladly create it for you. We are coming “out of the intitial fog” and I want to help support others caught  “in the throws” of this epidemic.


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Our Autism Story


My first son was diagnosed with ASD at 2 years old (2007)  and now is 180 degrees from his initial state. My second son was diagnosed with ASD (2013) and my husband and I maintain a constant mission to be better advocates for both our boys every day.


We are blessed to live in the New England area and are amazed at the support of Early Intervention, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Educators, and Therapists. Every single day we and our TEAMS of helpers go the extra mile and see phenomenal results.


Family2012Our journey with Autism has created a pretty intense workload and sense of purpose. I am full-time Mom, therapist, and advocate for my 2 beautiful boys. I graduated with dual degrees in Fine Art and Psychology.
Professionally, I have worked in high profile Graphic Design and also as a Pre K-12 Art Teacher.  My diverse background has equipped  me with the perfect skill set to advocate for my children diagnosed with ASD, blending the psychology, education, and graphic design skills.



Alarming stats are being touted everywhere about 1 in 68 children being diagnosed along the spectrum. While that’s good for awareness…it does nothing for those of us in the trenches. This forum is meant to become a conversation that begins to move past the staggering statistics.



I believe we have to empower and support each other on our collective journey. It’s time for a healthy bit of defiance against this sweeping ASD epidemic and affect change on the spectrum-not accept it’s outcome upon our children.


Let’s move beyond the grief. Let’s move forward. Let’s celebrate the precious gifts of our ASD children as we kick ASD in the pants! The race is on!


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    1. Daniela

      I have a 28 month old daughter dx’d with moedtare autism, global delays, non-verbal and will be dx’d with dyspraxia when she turns 3. She started mild SIB about 9 months ago and so far we do the chewy tube and vibrating toothbrush to redirect her. I have watched some of your videos since I first suspected autism and you have shown so much courage and strength. I think you are the most awesome mom and you are so beyond calm. I truly thank you for sharing.

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