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Free Autism Awareness Printables! Pass It On!

Free Autism Awareness Printables! I have created these infographics to help grow awareness. Download them, display them in public areas, and post them to social media. Pass It On!



image Autism Awareness Printable Autism Facts Autism Awareness Facts



image Autism Printable Support jpg Autism Awareness Supporting Someone With Autism



jpg autism sensory perceptions awareness printable Autism Awareness Sensory Perceptions Autism Awareness Visual Thinkers



AutismAwarenessGraphics-supportvisual Autism Awareness Visual Learners Support


AutismAwarenessAnxiety Autism Awareness Anxiety



Autism Awareness Empathy



Autism Awareness Non Verbal




Autism Awareness Bully Printable



Autism Awareness Printable Unique



Autism Awareness Printable Meltdown or Tantrum?




Autism Awareness Printable Layers of Autism




Autism Awareness Printable Think Outside of the Box!




Autism Awareness Printable Every Day




Autism Awareness Printable Brain Filter




Autism Awareness Printable Early Detection





Autism Awareness Printable Different Not Less





Autism Awareness Printable Don’t Give Up





Autism Awareness Printable “Doing The Impossible”



Autism Awareness Printable “Autism Parents”



Autism Awareness Printable “AUTISM”



Autism Awareness Printable “Prepare The World”



Autism Awareness Printable “Autism Wandering”



Autism Awareness Printable “Stimming”


7 thoughts on “Free Autism Awareness Printables! Pass It On!

  1. Krysstah

    These are beautiful! I pinned them on Pinterest and will be printing and hanging up in my school district this April for Autism Awareness Month. Thank you!

    1. Defy! Post author

      Krysstah, I am so happy and thrilled that they are being put to such good use. THANK YOU! I hope they are well received. Every little bit of Autism Awareness puts us closer to Autism Acceptance! All my love to you.

  2. Lissa

    These printables are beautiful. I am the parent to two wonderful children with autism and have just started working at our local
    YMCA. For April, they have allowed me to display information for Autism Awareness and your printables are perfect. Your blog is very informative without being too overwhelming and explains ways to get the ball rolling if you are concerned about having a child with ASD. I have been looking for a good resource to share! Thank you!!!!

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