Defying The Spectrum

What is it Like to Have Autism? – Defying The Spectrum

What is it Like To Have Autism? – Autism Acceptance Day 7/30 2017


Neurotypical (non-Autsim disgnosis) individuals take for granted the sensory bombardment that a typical day can bring to someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). An act as simple as going to the grocery store is an onslaught of sensory attack. My child would struggle with smells, sounds, temperatures, visual clutter, bright lights, and overcrowding. There are no words to watching your child feel attacked by the most seemingly benign sights, sounds, and noises. It was so painful. They have to learn to cope with so much as they learn to try to filter through all that sensory overload which they perceive with the same force, while lacking any appropriate filters to appropriately receive the stimuli all around them.

Please see the info-graphic I have created to help explain what an individual with ASD may experience to help bring Autism Awareness and ultimately, Autism Acceptance. Feel free to share in social media posts, print for display, and even forward it to anyone supporting those diagnosed with ASD. There are also some videos and simulations listed at the end of this posting which you may check out to better help you understand the ASD experience.




The National Autistic Society created this Autism Awareness film.

I’m not naughty. I’m autistic.

For autistic people like me, the world can be a terrifying place. Sometimes sounds feel like my head is exploding. Clothes feel like my skin is burning. And when a tiny thing changes, it feels like my world is ending.

Click the image below to view the film.

autism film

National Autistic Society Autism Awareness Film

Experience For Yourself 

Auti-Sim, The Game That Startlingly Reconstructs Life As An Autistic Child

If you ever wondered why autistic children tend to stay on the sidelines watching other kids, rather than joining in, Auti-sim will be illuminating. The closer you get to the noise and activity of the children playing in the simulation, the fuzzier the image becomes, the louder the shrieking. Return to the periphery and the sensory overload of the noise and distortion subsides.

The indie game is intended to give people an idea of what it’s like to suffer from hypersensitivity.

Click image below to see the simulation.


5 Autism Simulations to Help You Experience Sensory Overload (

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