Defying The Spectrum

Struggling Learner Simulation

Do you have a child that struggles with learning due to attention, learning disorders, or executive functioning issues?

Struggling Learner has created an amazing simulation that can help you see the difficulties of learning for yourself. If you have a child or student that struggles with learning due to attention, focus, and even executive functioning issues, you may want to try it. Here is a quick video to tell you a little about the simulation.


My husband and I have made the switch from public schools to homeschool for our children. We are into our second year and have finally hit our stride. This simulation really helped me to grow my awareness of just how difficult a day of school is for my son. He struggles with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and executive functioning as well. Whenever I can put myself in his shoes, I go for it. Not only does this help me focus my energy on strategies to better support his learning, it also allows me to truly appreciate how hard he works each and every day of his educational journey. I am in awe of my solid rock star student and son. My patience grows a little more, and I am even more motivated to search out more effective teaching strategies.


Click here to visit and try the simulation for yourself.

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